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About Us bslots

My name is Vipin Kumar, I live in the state of Bihar, India, I am the developer and owner of this website. We have many websites which are available on the internet, I come in different forms to help you. Our platform is a software platform, here you will find WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, WordPress readymade design, books, PDF, Shopify Theme, woocommerce themes and plugins, etc. All the software available on this platform is shared with you with 90% discount from the market.

All software is GPL, whose full form is General Public License, there is no virus of any kind in any of our given software and it is completely safe, it can be used without worry, we guarantee it completely. If we talk about online payment, the method of taking online payment is completely safe, we take it through Razorpay, India’s most trusted payment gateway company, where payment is done with complete security, you are not from India.

So don’t worry for other country we also accept payment through People and Stripe payment gateway or if you have any problem then you can contact us directly and make payment manually, link given below to contact us Click on and you will have a contactors page open from there you can contact us Thank you.